Chameleon Block by BoBerry Design Co.

Chameleon Block by BoBerry Design Co.


Welcome to another Quilt Block Mania! For this month, August 2022, the theme is the jungle, and there are so many fun blocks to grab and try out!


This month I created a traditionally pieced block design. There are a lot of pieces, but each piece is either a rectangle or a square, so it's very beginner friendly. In fact, if you're a beginner, this is a fun project to try if you're wanting something a a bit more complicated in the construction but still quick and easy to finish in an afternoon. This will give you experience with smaller pieces and a detailed layout, but there are no angles or specialized blocks (no half square triangles or flying geese here).


I was inspired by pixel art when designing this block. I made an appliqué style design last month for July 2022, and I wanted to create something a bit different for August. I almost made it so this quilt would be entirely made of tiny 1" squares, but thought better of it when I decided no one would actually want to make that, lol. I simplified the design to seven colors and this is what I came up with. 


I'd love to see what you create with this pattern. DM me or tag me on instagram @quiltingwithboberry to share your creations! And be sure to check out all the patterns available this month, there are so many beautiful designs you can grab for free!

Jungle themed quilt blocks for august 2022 quilt block mania

Hippo Quilt Block by Carolina Moore
Emerald Tree Boa from Inflorescence
Tiger at Duck Creek Mountain Quilting
Snakes, Slugs and Snails at Scrapdash
Stacked jungle animals by Appliques Quilts and More
Palm Leaf by QuiltFabrication
Margaritaville by Inquiring Quilter
Chameleon Block by BoBerry Design Co.
Monkey Business at Patti's Patckwork
Tropical Bloom
Jungle Vines
Toucan Quilt Block by Purple Daisies Quilting
Teal Gorilla by Blue Bear Quilts

Chameleon Quilt Block
by BoBerry Design Co.
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