Bumblebee Block by BoBerry Design Co.

Bumblebee Block by BoBerry Design Co.

Welcome! My name is Sherry Freyermuth, and I'm the owner and designer behind BoBerry Design Co. (or you may know me by my instagram handle: @quiltingwithboberry). I'm excited to join my first ever Quilt Block Mania by contributing this free bumblebee 12 inch block pattern. 

I collaborate with my mom and expert quilter, Karen to create contemporary quilt patterns that are suitable for confident beginners as well as experienced quilters. Here we are featuring our first quilt pattern Diamond Step quilt

Now for the Bumblebee block pattern, I created a traditionally pieced design that features four colors to make a geometric bee shape. You can see the version Karen quilted here that shows off our bee design in bright, spring colors.

You can use the appliqué template provided in the pattern to add antenna or you can hand stitch it with embroidery thread and buttons. I kept this design minimal, but you can add a face or any fun embellishments you choose!

And, if you're looking for inspiration to turn this into a larger bumblebee themed quilt, here is a fun design that would beeee perfect for summer or you could make it as an adorable baby quilt!

I just added an oversized, 12 inch, hour glass quilt block between the bumblebee blocks to add separation between the bees. I love how it creates a large star shape to center the design.

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Free Bumblebee Quilt Block 
by BoBerry Design Co.
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