All About the Poppies and Posies Quilt Pattern

All About the Poppies and Posies Quilt Pattern

Hi there! I'm Sherry, and I'm the owner and designer behind BoBerry Design Co., and I'm popping in the blog today to share my latest pattern Poppies and Posies available June 22, 2022. I wanted to share a little bit about the quilt pattern and how I came to create this summery, floral quilt.

Sherry with a baby sized Poppies and Posies Quilt.

I won't lie, I don't have a green thumb...the longest I've kept a plant alive is about a month, eek! But I am pretty handy with my design eye and crafty hands, and I wanted to create something floral and feminine. I designed this quilt thinking it would be the perfect way to infuse my space with some florals, without all the fuss of actually watering a plant! 

The full Poppies and Posies baby quilt in the summer sunshine :)

I was particularly inspired to create this design when I discovered Paintbrush Studio Fabrics Summer 2021 ‘Garden Party’ collection designed by Crissie Rodda. I even designed all the mockups and diagrams for the pattern using this collection. The fabrics were floral and just a little bit fancy, and I thought that a traditional block with with contrasting borders would set off the fabric designs really well. 

PBS Fabrics Summer 2021 ‘Garden Party’ collection designed by Crissie Rodda.

Once I knew the general tone I wanted to convey—a fancy, floral and feminine quilt—I focused on creating a traditionally pieced design that would be suitable for a confident beginning quilter. My mom, Karen and I work together on all our quilts (she gets the credit for making all the BoBerry quilt samples...and sometimes she lets me help!), and we worked out the construction and block size as well as the instructions. 

One more cute photo of my Poppies and Posies Quilt on a quilt ladder (check out the beautiful 'hello summer' sign made by my sister, Kristen).

I first designed the quilt using a 17" block, but found this was a bit large for a table runner and reduced it to 12" block.

12" Poppies and Posies blocks by Robin Sue Quilts.

I still loved the 17" block so much that I actually included it as a bonus pattern when you purchase the Poppies and Posies quilt pattern...that's right, you get a pattern with a 12" block featuring a baby, throw, and table runner, and just for fun, you also get a 17" block pattern in a throw size. I just couldn't resist throwing it in, and I hope quilters love both size options! 

Here's a version of the Poppies and Posies quilt featuring the 17" block. This was made by Hillary Cooper of Quilt Berry Hill Designs

Now, most samples of this quilt feature a summer or spring color palette, but it's fun for all seasons! 

A Poppies and Posies quilt for each season! (from top left to bottom right: Christmas table runner by Shirley Marvin, Spring baby quilt by Shirley Marvin, Summer table runner by Deborah Whaley, and Fall table runner by Karen Saunders).

Thanks for reading about the Poppies and Posies quilt pattern! I really enjoyed working on this project and want to thank everyone who helped me in this process including my tech editor, Elisabeth Myrick of Elisabeth Quilt Co. And thank you to all the pattern testers including: Hillary Cooper, Robin Sue, Deborah Whaley, Shirley Marvin, and Shirley Soellner.

Throw size Poppies and Posies quilt featuring 17" blocks by Shirley Soellner.

And a special thanks to my collaborator/my mom, Karen Saunders, for her unending support in my small business journey. 

You can't tell from this photo, but that's Karen holding up the quilt top for the Poppies and Posies quilt. She may not be on camera much, but she's behind the scenes throughout this whole process!


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